Grocery Bag Paintings

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So I started a new series of paintings.  They are called “Grocery Bag Paintings”.  They are called this because they are done on grocery bags.  They are very similar to the “12 Pack Paintings.”  The only difference is that the paintings are done on a grocery bag instead of cardboard from a 12 pack.  This has some advantages.  That the paintings are bigger is an advantage.  It’s a more comfortable size to work, and after I throw them into a frame, obscuring the fact that it’s a painting on a grocery bag, the bigger size affords a higher price.  That is, if I ever try to sell anything.

Another advantage is that if I go into a painting session with a bunch of grocery bags, as opposed to 12 packs, nobody feels the need to have an intervention.  Now, if anybody is considering an intervention, the answer is no, I don’t need one.  Because only losers quit.

Sunday there were one hour poses at the AVAA.  I took the acrylics and one of the paintings turned out really nice.  I think it’s the most successful painted portrait I’ve done so far.  I think the key was a fairly detailed under-drawing.  That’s something that 15 minute paintings don’t afford me.  Time for drawing.  Here’s the painting big, because I like it.

Acrylic Drippy Painting 042609-2

The rest are from tonight at the AFG, except one that was done the same day as the portrait.  I don’t like it as much so it goes on the slush pile with the rest of them.

Acrylic Drippy Painting 042609-1 042709-1 042709-2 042709-3 042709-4

This website is starting to look repetitive.  I think I need to spend some more time on something to make sure I haven’t forgotten how to draw.

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More Figure Drawings and a Painting

New Drawings, New Painting


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Sunday after the Art Erotica I was back at the AVAA for the figure drawing.  This is where I learned some consider referring to an AIDS charity benefit as a “sausage fest” to be bad manners.  I still think it’s funny.  I’ve also made a few tweaks to this website.  I installed the All In One SEO Pack plugin to optimize it for search engines as well as Statpress Reloaded to track my visitor statistics.  I check it far too many times a day.  I get all excited when I see a hit on my site from a Google Image search for “drippy paintings.”  I also put up an icon for the RSS feed.  Because, evidently, people use them.

Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-1 Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-2 Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-3 Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-4

Monday I painted at the Austin Figurative Gallery.  Every third Monday we’ve started to do 2 hour poses instead of a bunch of 15 minute ones.  It’s nice to have the extra time.  Here’s the result.  It’s an acrylic painting on a gessoed piece of plywood.

Austin Figurative Gallery 04-20-09

Next on the list for site tweaks, I need to figure out a way to encourage more comments and redo the galleries.

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Art Erotica 2009 Recap

Event, New Painting

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I was invited through the AFG to do live painting Saturday night on stage at the Art Erotica 2009.  I accepted.  I’d never painted in front of a crowd before.  But I was prepared.  I had made business cards so that I could participate in the most douchebag of activities: networking.

I knew that the paintings that I did would end up being auctioned.  The Art Erotica benefits AIDS Services of Austin’s Paul Kirby Fund and all proceeds from the sale of the paintings go to the charity.  Despite the philanthropic nature of the event, I participated.

The scene was pretty much what I expected; men dressed like Rob Halford, women dressed like Rob Halford, and giant penis statues.  The walls of the place were lined with erotic art that was being sold through silent auction.  The highest bids were being placed on a print of a painting by Jacques Louis David.  My guess is that due to the high quality of the print, people didn’t realize they were not bidding on an actual painting.  Either that, or they liked it and I’m a condescending asshole.

IMG_2115 We set up on the stage, ringed around a black chair.  There were about 10 artists, some drawing in charcoal and some painting.  Because I was one of the last to arrive I set up front and center where my paintings would be the most visible to the audience.  We were doing four 15 minute poses.  This is a rather quick pace to produce a painting, especially in front of a crowd of a few hundred people, many of whom undoubtably had art hanging on the walls.  It’s easy to impress hippies, but other artists…

Art Erotica 2009 Pose 1 The first pose was the female.  I found my hands shaking while I was painting.  I didn’t realize that I was nervous until I couldn’t hold my brush steady.  Fortunately I was doing the drippy acrylic style  I’ve been doing for the last few weeks at the AFG.  It doesn’t exactly require the precise hands of a surgeon.  But it does require steady bowels. I was able to pull through and the painting turned out ok.  This gave me a boost of confidence, and my hands didn’t shake for the rest of the paintings.

The other three went well also.  I don’t think that I blew any of them.  They all sold in the auction afterward and in a clever display of douchebaggery I slipped a business card into the back of each painting.  People seemed to like the paintings.  Despite my general unapproachability I received several compliments.  The organizer of the event looked at my paintings, said they were beautiful, thanked me for participating and gave me a hug.  I could occasionally hear comments from the crowd such as, “Damn, he’s quick.”

I took a picture of the crowd from the stage, so people wouldn’t think I was lying when I said I was painting in front of a crowd of hundreds.


I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the costumes in the crowd, but here’s a couple of shots that I like.

IMG_2122 IMG_2125

Here are the paintings that I did on stage.  They were taken in a very adverse lighting condition, so the colors are all wonky, but these give a general idea.

Art Erotica 2009 Pose 1 Art Erotica 2009 Pose 2

Art Erotica 2009 Pose 3 Art Erotica 2009 Pose 4

Here are all the photos I took that night in a set on flickr.  In all, I consider the night a success.  I had a great time, people liked my art and I saw some of the finest penis sculptures south of the Mason-Dixon.

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The Last of the 12 Pack Paintings

New Painting

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Submitted for your approval, the last of the 12 pack paintings.  These may not be the last, but I haven’t been buying beer since Thanksgiving.  Only because of the calories.  Nothing to do with the stigma of drinking alone in my apartment.  If I was a thin guy I’d have no problem with drinking alone.  It’s just the extra 700 or so calories a day catches up with me.  So, until I go on another drinking bender these are the last of the 12 pack paintings.

Not to worry though, I’m not going to start using real materials or anything.  I found that a gessoed plywood board makes a nice surface for painting.  Since I don’t mind some texture in my paintings, it’s perfectly good for cheap.  A nice big pricy canvas is for old lady hobbyists who make a painting every three months.  Not somebody who does six paintings every Monday night.

In other news, I’m painting Saturday night at the Art Erotica.  Should be interesting, I’m not sure what the setup is going to be.  I don’t know if it’s going to be one long pose or a bunch of short ones.  A long one would nice, since it’s in front of a crowd it would be nice to be pull off something decent.

Here’s the video from last year’s event:

Here’s Monday’s paintings:

041609-5 041609-4 041609-3 041609-2 041609-1

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Big Bunch o’ Drawings

New Drawings


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Here’s a bunch of stuff from the last week.  The pencil drawings are from Saturday.  I got together with a bunch of people from the drawing sessions I go to and we did drawings of each other.  Some of them turned out well.  One of the portraits was kinda nice.  Here’s my friend Tiffanny’s version of the event.  I don’t know if anybody else has a website, otherwise I would link to them.

The rest of these are from the drawing sessions.  The charcoals of the girl in costume are from Sunday at the AVAA, and the ones on toned paper are from Monday at the AFG.

040609-1 040609-2 040609-3 040609-4 040609-5 040609-6 040909-1 040909-6 040909-4

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